La Bandita Countryhouse

Ever wish you had a friend with a stylish country house on a beautiful hillside in Tuscany, one who knows the best local restaurants, towns and vineyards?

Well now you do.

La Bandita Countryhouse is an exclusive 8 bedroom luxury villa with contemporary design, stylishly converted from an old stone farmhouse.
Located inside a nature reserve within the UNESCO site of the Val d’Orcia, La Bandita Countryhouse offers a comfortable and safe escape with total relaxation and privacy.
Let our friendly staff take care of all arrangements, while you enjoy the beautiful views, great local food and wine, carefully maintained garden, and the panoramic swimming pool.

My Neighbours

The hotel sits on a hillside that is home to several working sheep farms whose flocks can be seen grazing most of the year on the green pastures, looked over by large white maremmani sheepdogs panting in the sun.

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My Crazy Idea

What does an international music executive do when he’s sick of his big time New York job? Quit and move to Tuscany to open a small hotel…of course!

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Midway between Florence and Rome and just south of Siena is the Val d’Orcia, near the renaissance gem of Pienza, the medieval hot springs of Bagno Vignoni

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Lonny Magazine

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Elizabeth St

Уединенные отели, расположенные в экологически чистых природных зонах, — идеальное решение для тех, кто с нежностью вспоминает каникулы в «Артеке» и семейные походы на байдарках. Вместо спального мешка вас ждет уютная кровать, а ужин у костра приготовит титулованный шеф-повар. > Download

Aeroflot style